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Hmmmm...I wonder what Morgan and Max are up to? 

HorrorTalk.Com - BroSis on BroSis
October 2015 


On the eve of their Fun Sized Horror Shorts premieres, HorrorTalk.Com invited Morgan and Max to interview each other on the craft of making horror films, what inspires them and why puking is scarier than peeing.


If you're our mom, and would like to read the whole charming thing, click below! 


See the BANNED Dirty Sprite Commercial! NSFW!

Add Marlon Wayans to the 28 million (and counting) viewers of Max's notorious

Banned German Sprite Ad! 


Join the Sprite Ad renaissance by clicking here. 

Cowboy Justice: Rape Revenge in Mainstream Cinema and TV
April 2014 | Bitch Flicks 

Read Morgan's guest post for Bitch Flicks on Rape Revenge films, and her genre-bending theories on how these women become cowboys. 


Do you take your movie watching seriously? Like Terry Gross seriously? Then click on that there button and read on! 

Is This Weird Ad a Real Brazilian Starbucks Commercial?
August 13, 2013 | Brendan McGinley

Man Cave ponders whether or not coffee is much sexier in Brazil, or if Max Isaacson has struck again!


To find out the answer, read the whole article by clicking here! Well, down there and slightly to the left. 


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